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Date: Tue May 20 2008 - 08:57:37 EDT

> Whilst it is conceivable that human life will be eliminated, I think > that is somewhat of  a straw man. One is talking permian/triassic 
> transition for that or  worse, which is well outside the range of what 
> climate models predict. > Much milder scenarios are bad enough -- significant population decline > due to food shortages for example.
Hi Paul C:
I agree that before human life as a whole would be eliminated, 
there will first be stages in which there will  be mass suffering, 
primarily by the working class and poor.  I.e. in the immediate
future, the capitalist class and wealthier members of other classes
will be able to afford to stay alive. It is the same way with famines:
if you have enough money, you can buy food. 
A problem, though, is whether there is a 'tipping point' as far
as the environment is concerned?  If so, when will it occur and 
how will we know if/when it has occurred?
In solidarity, Jerry

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