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Date: Tue May 20 2008 - 07:37:55 EDT

> In a typically opportunist way they evade the issue of nuclear power.
Hi Paul C:
Agreed. They were opposed to nuclear power before and they 
should be opposed to nuclear power today. The mentality used
by the proponents of nuclear power in the past is precisely what
has led to the environmental crisis of today: i.e. there was 
blithe indifference to the negative environmental consequences
in the belief that over time there would be a 'technological fix' 
to the problems associated with nuclear power. In other words, 
there was a blind and optimistic belief in the prospects for new 
technologies: everything, they told themselves, will work out 'in 
the end'.   Armed with such a belief and indifference to everything
that does not translate into increased profitability, capital has 
launched us on a path which could very well end with the 
'negation of the negation' (in this case, the annihilation of human
life on this planet).
In solidarity, Jerry

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