RE: [OPE] Cyril Smith's communism

Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 14:05:19 EDT

(a telling excerpt from a talk by Cyril Smith:)
Marx’s critique of Hegel takes a huge step forwards in 1843, when he criticises Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. He sees now that Hegel’s attempt at reconciliation is a swindle. Human life demands the transcendence of family, private property and the state. A few months later, Marx is clear that this transcendence takes the form of humans producing for each other humanly, that is, in mutual love. (He says this in the 1844 Comments on James Mill. Capital is ‘merely’ the elaboration of these brief notes.)
Hi Jurriaan:
Where exactly does Marx refer to "mutual love"?  When e.g. Marx refers
to "love" in the _Paris Manuscripts_ and _The Holy Family_ he has
something quite different in mind.
In solidarity, Jerry

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