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About 20 years ago my path crossed Cyril Smith's at the LSE. I was there to use the Library and visit the Economists'Bookshop, and somehow he & I struck up a conversation about Sraffa & Marx. He invited me to a seminar he was holding that day on "Neo-Ricardianism" and Marx. He and the other participants, a small group, were clearly unsympathetic to Sraffa, so I was there holding up the side. That was my only encounter with him and I am unfamiliar with his life & work, but I have a warm memory of a decent, gracious, intelligent man who relished serious debate.

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	Excerpt from another list:
	> the following message from Andy Blunden:
	> "We have received news today that the British Communist Cyril Smith has
	> died. He suffered a serious stroke several years ago, recovered, but
	> then suffered a further short illness before dying on the weekend.
	> "See

	> "He is sadly missed."
	> Cyril's funeral will be held next Thursday, 22May, at 11.00 am, at
	> Lambeth
	> Crematorium, Blackshaw Road, London SW17. After the ceremony there will
	> be refreshments at the Leather Bottle pub on Garratt Lane, where
	> Cyril's daughters, Emma & Laura, hope people will join them in
	> celebrating what a wonderful person Cyril was and sharing some memories.

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