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From: Gerald Levy (
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 16:25:25 EDT

[Jurriaan wrote:]  Marx and Engels did not have anything like a "theory of international relations" 
in the modern bourgeois sense, and their views about the subject had nothing in particular to do 
with bourgeois philosophers like Kant, Smith and Ferguson. Nor were their views completely 
consistent at all times. But there are a lot of Marxist forgeries around of what Marx and Engels 
really thought.
[Dogan responded:]   This shows how little you know about Marx' and Engels' work and their 
sources if this claim is meant to be serious. 


Comment: I think the first sentence that Jurriaan wrote is correct - if we interpret it _literally_
(which is how I think he intended it to be read).    I.e. M&E did not have a _theory_ of 
international relations "in the modern bourgeois sense" (by which I understood him to mean, 
as a separate discipline).  Certainly, M&E had a lot to write about _concrete_ international relations 
among specific nation states but that does not mean that they had a _theory_ of international 
relations _in general_.  

In solidarity, Jerry

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