RE: [OPE] A conference on the Grundrisse at the University of Bergamo, July 2008

Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 08:46:58 EDT

> As to your question about the topics at the > conference, a 'book of abstracts' may help.
Hi Riccardo:
In case others on the list didn't notice, you included those
abstracts in an *attachment* to your post.
There will certainly be a lot to talk about at the conference!
The papers cover a broad array of subjects related to the 
_Grundrisse_ and some of the papers look to be quite controversial:
e.g. the paper by Geert and Peter Thomas on the TRPF 
and the paper by Chris on abstract labour  [What exactly is the
"negative labour theory of value" anyway?].
In solidarity, Jerry

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