RE: [OPE] A conference on the Grundrisse at the University of Bergamo, July 2008

Date: Mon May 12 2008 - 10:52:09 EDT

Hi Riccardo:
Sounds good!  Did you go to the conference last month?
How will the July conference be different thematically from the
previous conference?
In solidarity, Jerry
> Dear Jerry, and dear OPE-L members,> below you find the preliminary information about > a conference I am organising in Bergamo next > July. The conference will being July 15th at > 14.00 and will end the evening of July 18th.> Please, distribute widely and through all the > lists which all of you may think can be > interested. The attendance to the conference is > free. I plan to have a web page no later than end > of May. I'll comunicate the url to all of you > asap. A more detailed programme will be > distributed in June.> Reading the Grundrisse> July 15th- 18th, 2008> Aula 3, Via Salvecchio 19> UniversitÓ degli Studi di Bergamo> Bergamo Upper Town > Howard Engelskirchen (Iowa State University, USA)> The Grundrisse's Grundbestimmung: Form > Determination and the Concept of Capital in > General> Andrew Brown (Leeds University Business School, UK)> Materialism, Spinozism and Dialectics: E.V. > Ilyenkov on why 'material production' is the > 'object before us' at the outset of Marx's > Grundrisse> Patrick Murray (Creighton University, Omaha, USA)> The Development of Marx's Value-Form Theory in > the Grundrisse: Reflections on Backhaus> Martha Campbell (SUNY Postdam, USA)> Marx's Transition from Simple Circulation to > Capital: A Comparison of the Grundrisse, Urtext > and Capital, Volume 1> Christopher J. Arthur (University of Sussex, UK)> The practical truth of abstract labour> Massimiliano Tomba (University of Padua, Italy)> Pre-Capitalistic Forms of Production and > Primitive Accumulation. Marx's Historiography > from the Grundrisse to Capital> Fred Moseley (Mount Holyoke College, USA)> The Whole and the Parts. The Beginning of Marx's > Theory of the Distribution of Surplus-Value in > the Grundrisse> Tony Smith (Iowa State University, USA)> The Role of the General Intellect in Marx's Grundrisse and Beyond> Geert Reuten (University of Amsterdam, The > Netherlands) & Peter Thomas (Historical > Materialism)> From the 'fall of the rate of profit' in the > Grundrisse to the cyclical development of the > profit rate in Capital: a fundamental change in > Marx's notion of the capitalist mode of > production.> Roberto Fineschi (University of Siena, Italy)> Can we consider the Grundrisse the dialectically most developed version of> Marx's theory of Capital?> Riccardo Bellofiore (University of Bergamo, Italy)> The Grundrisse after Capital, or how to re-read Marx backwards> The Conference is part of the Bergamo Unit > activities for the Inter-University Research > Program "Issues of German Classical Philosophy: > Edition of Text and Critical Studies" 2006 PRIN > (funded by The Italian Ministry of University), > for which Mario Cingoli is the National > Coordinator and Riccardo Bellofiore is the Local > Coordinator. It is also part of the activities of > the International Symposium on Marxian Theory > (ISMT)> Organiser> Riccardo Bellofiore> Email address:> Secretary of the Conference> Simona Locatelli> Email address:> Free Attendance to the Conference> INFORMATION> If you would like to receive any further > information on the International Conference > Reading the Grundrisse you can send an email to > the Secretary of the Conference Simona Locatelli > and to the organiser

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