RE: [OPE] Economic calculation from the Marxist perspective.

Date: Mon May 05 2008 - 10:11:35 EDT

You don’t have to have a precarious work and enlist the exploited to be entitled to scientifically pontificate about something. 
Many of the members of this list have fat salaries, among which unfortunately I’m not listed, sometimes charged to tax payers some other directly charged to wealthy consumers buying higher education. This doesn’t make them less right or wrong about their scholarly work.
Hi Alejandro:
Agreed to all of the above.
>  Does Canada fulfil the principle of “positions open to capabilities”?
As a matter of law, I think it does. As a matter of fact, there is 
discrimination in Canada based on class, nationality (especially of 
people from French-speaking provinces, including Quebec), 
language (this is related to nationality) gender, race, etc. Laws 
in bourgeois society may make discrimination more difficult, but 
it does not erase the discrimination in labour markets (including 
academic labour markets) and elsewhere. What laws really do 
freequently is simply change the ways in which discrimination is 
manifested and how visible or invisible it is.
(NB: these are general points and do not speak at all to the 
qualities of the scholar who was mentioned.)
In solidarity, Jerry

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