Re: [OPE] Economic calculation from the Marxist perspective.

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Date: Mon May 05 2008 - 05:09:41 EDT

Hello Jurriaan!
You don’t have to have a precarious work and enlist the exploited to be entitled to scientifically pontificate about something.
Many of the members of this list have fat salaries, among which unfortunately I’m not listed, sometimes charged to tax payers some other directly charged to wealthy consumers buying higher education. This doesn’t make them less right or wrong about their scholarly work.
Who do you think are going to pay scholars in a communist commonwealth but labour-tokens-tax-payers?
The relevant question is how this Canadian scholar got the position. Does Canada fulfil the principle of “positions open to capabilities”?
Yours sincerely,
A. Agafonow

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Who cares, if some Canadian Marxist professor, with a fat salary at the expense of the taxpayer, pontificates about how markets are a bad thing, and how they should be abolished? 
These are the kind of people that make socialism ridiculous.

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