Fwd: [OPE] Marx on international relations

From: Tony Smith (tonys@iastate.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 14:14:30 EDT


Two very good books on Marx's approach to 
international relations are The Empire of Civil 
Society: A Critique of the Realist Theory of 
International Relations, Justin Rosenberg, and 
The Myth of 1648: Class, Geopolitics and the 
Making of Modern International Relations. Both are from Verso.


>>Dear All,
>>I am interested in reading by Marx on 
>>international relation, international division 
>>of labour in capitalism and socialism.
>>I would be in your debt if you could recommend 
>>any work or passages by Marx or any book on 
>>Marx's approach to international relations and international political economy.
>>Thank you very much,
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