RE: [OPE] Marx on international relations

Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 09:45:42 EDT

> I am interested in reading by Marx on international relation, international division of labour in capitalism and socialism.> I would be in your debt if you could recommend any work or passages by Marx or any book on Marx's approach to international relations and 
> international political economy.

Hi Dogan;
Well, if you include Marx's writings on the civil wars in France,
the revolutions of 1848, Ireland, India, Russia, Germany, the
civil war in the US, writings on and for the First International, 
etc - all of which to a large degree concerned (or at least, involved) 
international relations - then that's many thousands of pages! Less 
pages, though, specifically on questions associated with international 
political economy.
In solidarity, Jerry

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