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Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 09:47:14 EDT

Let me try. Going back to Adam Smith. He suggested that there should be an international division of labour on the basis of the productivity of forces of production. According to this principle every nation or country should produce in those areas in which it is most advanced and exchange their products for those goods which have been produced in other countries. Ricardo added to this Smithian argument nature and climate. According to Ricardo every country is placed historically in certain natural circumstances that allows to produce certain goods but but not others. Therefore he suggested an international order of political economy that envisages the common interests of the whole humanity.?Friedrich List on the contrary argued that the best principle that furthers perpetual peace and universal republic is protectionism because there were huge inequalities among various nations. Only if all nations are equals there can be sort of mutual recognition and respect. Is this debat!
 e of any relevance for contemporary developments and debates and what?has Marx to say about this debate?
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