RE: [OPE] Dialectics for the New Century

Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 08:39:54 EDT

> As I have argued in a very short piece in Science & Society edited by David Laibman, I am rather doubtful about the notion of a general theory of 
> Systematic Dialectics in abstraction from a particular subjectmatter.
Hi Jurriaan:
There is some disagreement, it seems, among the Marxian advocates of
systematic dialectics whether one should advocate this method as a 
"general theory" of comprehending a subject or whether it is appropriate
for the comprehension of _particular_ subjects.  Chris A (can't remember
the exact source off-hand) has made the claim that there is something 
_particular_ about the subject matter of _capitalism_ that requires a 
systematic dialectical understanding to comprehend.  Often those
who argue _for_ a systematic dialectical method re understanding 
capitalism also argue _against_ the  Engels'  claim that there is  is a 
general, common theory concerning both social formations and  
the "dialectics of nature". 
In solidarity, Jerry

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