Re: [OPE] Dialectics for the New Century

Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 16:24:31 EDT

> As I have argued in a very short piece in Science & Society
edited by 
> David Laibman, I am rather doubtful about the notion
of a general theory 
> of Systematic Dialectics in abstraction
from a particular subjectmatter. I 
> would argue, that since you
have to discover the dialectics in a 
> particular subjectmatter
first, in order to present it systematically, it 
> is not
possible to specify in advance a general dialectical methodology of 
> general application. It just depends on the subjectmatter you are

> concerned with, which has its own dialectical characteristics.
So at best 
> you can recommend some heuristics. 

Hi Jurriaan:
What is the exact reference (name of article, issue #)
that you are referring to?
In solidarity, Jerry

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