RE: [OPE] Dialectics for the New Century -money and the state

Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 07:59:36 EDT

Pauls C, B, Z and Dogan:
The way in which Geert and Mike W in _Value-Form and the State_
got around the conundrum was to begin their systematic dialectical 
reconstruction in thought of capitalism with the dialectic of 
sociation-dissociation-association.  Beginning with that starting point, 
rather than the commodity, they were able to present a clear _logical_ 
link between the analysis of capital and the state.
Insofar as one wants to develop a systematic dialectical analysis, then a
historical explanation for the role of the state in relation to
money and the development of commodity exchange is insufficient
*by itself* (although it is presupposed that one has grasped the 
relevant historical data and experiences before one begins -
or, at least, publishes - the exposition).   What is required is to
logically connect the two subjects so that the subject of the state
arises from the contradictions inherent in the character of capital
(of course, some anarchists might put it the other way around).
The issue, in other words, here shouldn't be whether there is a 
connection between the state and capital. Obviously, there is.
Rather, the issue is how that relationship can be fully and logically 
expressed and unpacked. That, in turn, from a systematic dialectical 
perspective, centers (at least, initially) on the question of the 
'starting point': i.e. is the 'starting point' of the 'commodity' in 
the exposition sufficient to grasp this dialectic?
In solidarity, Jerry

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