Re: [OPE] Diversity and Unity

Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 12:56:28 EDT

>  Jerry: 
>  This definition of dogmatism fits well
into Hegel's world view. 
> Dogan: 
> Yes, but into his
dialectical world view. 
> Jerry: 
> Using it, one could
claim that just about _everyone_ 
 > other than Hegelians
(_including Marx and Marxians_) are 
> dogmatic!?? Note well
that it is the hallmark *in practice* 
> of dogmatists to
claim that everyone else with a contrary 
> perspective is
> Dogan: 
> No one said that. If you thought
thoroughly about what I said you would 
> have not come to that


I didn't claim that you said it. My post very
explicitly dealt with the self-
contradictory character of the
Hegelian perspective on dogmatism. 
Obviously, I was not
claiming that you are a Hegelian.

> The rest is, I
think, nothing but polemic. I was not drawing on Hegel, I 
> was
not drawing on Marx, but I was drawing on a whole tradition of 
dialectical thought. 

See above.

> That is
to say that I am also in many ways critical 
> of the people I am
referring to. I am usually concerned with the issues at 
> stake.
Labels are always misleading. But if people attack my position by 
> using such labels I am more than prepared to give back what is

Se above.

> However, in my former post
I was talking about various epistemological 
> concepts. They do
not suggest that I am attacking anybody's moral 
> integrity. To
say that methodological individualism is dogmatic does not 
suggest I am attacking anybody as a moral person. You seem to have mixed

> that up. 

See above.

Btw, Dave Z was
responding to something that _I_ wrote. Please don't
assume that it
was intended as a critique of _your_ position.

In solidarity,

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