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Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 12:28:06 EDT

 Be honest and reply to my post if you want to. Do not ascribe to people positions that are not theirs.

Study science? Well, neurobiology says that there is no such think that can be described as 'free will'. 
The will is always accompanied by necessity, suggesting to think dialectically, that is, freedom and 
necessity must be taken together. Study science? Well, neurobiology says that thought is a form and function of matter, implying matter and thought must be taken together. Study science!!!!!!!!!!!

But as I said we are from entirely different planets.
Before we discuss anything we have clear the ground 
for communication. Communication requires mutual respect - an ethical concept. 
I hope your concept of science allows also studying morality.

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> Dogan: 

> This definition of dogmatism fits well into Hegel's world 

> view. Using it, one could claim that just about _everyone_ 

> other than Hegelians (_including Marx and Marxians_) are 

> dogmatic!   Note well that it is the hallmark *in practice* 

>  of dogmatists to claim that everyone else with a contrary 

> perspective is dogmatic. 

I think the best way to free oneself from this type of reasoning is to 
study successful sciences: In what sense are they successful and how 
could they achieve it? Armed with this understanding prophets and their 
sacred scripts --- be it Hegel, Marx or von Hayek --- will vanish and be 
replaced by thinkers and their texts. 

//Dave Z 


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