Re: [OPE] Diversity and Unity

Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 12:10:04 EDT

??? ??? ? Jerry: 
??? ??? ??? This definition of dogmatism fits well into Hegel's world? 


Yes, but into his dialectical world view.

Using it, one could claim that just about _everyone_ 

other than Hegelians (_including Marx?and Marxians_) are

dogmatic!?? Note well that it is the hallmark *in practice*

?of dogmatists to claim that everyone else with a contrary 

perspective is dogmatic.

No one said that. If you thought thoroughly about what I said you would have not come to that conclusion. 
I am talking about diversity and relativity in their unity. This kind of approach is alien to dialectical approach.
It is rather to be found in methodological individualism. To speak of diversity implies also the concept of tolerance.

The rest is, I think, nothing but polemic. I was not drawing on Hegel, I was not drawing on Marx, but I was drawing on a whole tradition of dialectical thought. That is to say that I am also in many ways critical of the people I am referring to. I am usually concerned with the issues at stake. Labels are always misleading. But if people attack my position by using such labels I am more than prepared to give back what is due. However, in my former post I was talking about various epistemological concepts. They do not suggest that I am attacking anybody's moral integrity. To say that methodological individualism is dogmatic does not suggest I am attacking anybody as a moral person. You seem to have mixed that up.

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