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I am very pleased to welcome and introduce Duccio Cavalieri to OPE-L.

The bibliographic notes which he provided (and I re-typed because
of the format in which it was sent as an attachment: any mistakes
in spelling, etc. are most likely my own) fill in the picture:


   "I was born in Milan (1935) and educated in Rome (classical studies and
law degree), Cambridge, England (King's College) , and Cambridge, Mass.
(MIT). I am married, with three children, and live near Florence, in
the countryside.

   I was once an active member of the FGCI, the Italian Youth Communist
Federation (a branch of the Italian Communist Party) in the period
1951-1956. I withdrew from it after the Hungarian revolution.

    You may think of me as an independent and critical Marxist, a left-
wing intellectual with broad cultural interests, who conceives economics
as a social science and labour as the substance (but not the measure) of
value. One who dislikes any forms of dogmatism (including dia-mat) and
favors methodological and theoretical pluralism.

    In 1967 I became an associate professor of economics. Then I taught
in the Universities of Rome and Messina (full professor).  Since 1977 I
have been professor of Political Economy in the University of Florence
(faculty of law). I still hold such position.

   There are several books of mine (on the theory of investment, optimal
growth and planning, incomes policy, causality and interdependence in
economic theory, the epistemology and historiography of political
economy, positive humanism and the critique of economic determinism)
and more than one hundred essays and articles, published in five
languages. Most of these works have a theoretical, philosophical or
methodological nature.

   In Italy, at least thirty thousand university students read my
textbooks of economic theory. I started and edited various learned
journals (including Quaderni di storia dell'economia politica, History
of Economic Ideas, and Il pensiero economico italiano). I am also a
referee, a reviewer and a member of the scientific board of the
"Comitato dei garanti" of AISPE (the Italian Society for the History of 
Economic Thought) and a member of the Italian mailing list "Marxiana".

   My current research interests are centred on the theory of value and
exploitation,  on the theory of capital and investment, on an
integrated theory of money,  credit and finance, on the possibility
of a libertarian and humanist rethinking of theoretical Marxism and
on the political economy of post-modernism".


Duccio's  e-mail address is  <d.cavalieri@unifi.it>

Duccio: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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