RE: [OPE] Recent serious theoretical discussions: reply to Dogan

Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 10:39:07 EDT

you say:"It's not "nonsense": what Jurriaan is saying above is , I think, isan important and valid historical  observation - namely, that bureaucracies- and all sorts of atrocities - have been rationalized with referenceto the language of 'dialectics'. You say it has been misused."Jurriaan says:Thus, this "dialectical totality" is merely the philosophical justification and rationalization of bureaucratic power. It is a sad thing when modern Marxists succumb to the same nonsense - and I say this as someone with a lengthy experience of bureaucratic absurdities.These are entirely different statements. People may misuse anything you may think it is safe. <snip>Dialectical concept of totality is an epistemological concept and means to grasp something you have to take it in all its dimensions and relations (external ans internal). 
Hi Dogan:
I think you are simply mis-reading what Jurriaan has written.
If you look at his para as a whole, you will see that his 
objection concerns the "discoursing" about dialectics 
by repressive bureaucracies, i.e. that they have historically
(mis-) used the language of  dialectics as a rationalization 
for their policies.  In the extract above from that paragraph, 
please note that Jurriaan went out of his way to put "dialectical 
totality" in quotation marks.
In solidarity, Jerry

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