RE: [OPE] Dialectics for the New Century

Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 08:43:28 EDT

> All aspects of social relations of production can not be> be expressed as 'calculi'. That is, in part, because there> are essential aspects of those relations which can not> be expressed as *magnitude* and are> comprehensable merely through formal/mathematical calculi.> --------------------> Quite right, Gerry,> but I was criticising your account of computing as being based on mathmatics,> my argument is that as a materialist one has to see the reverse relationship> material laws of physics -> allow practices of mechanisms -> possibility of maths> of computation> Maths arose out of concrete material practices associated with for instance> the measurement of land in order to apportion it between state tennants in ancient> Egypt, giving rise to geometry
Hi Paul C: OK. I accept that. /In solidarity, Jerry

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