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Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 05:18:41 EDT

 Jerry is right in saying that dialectics cannot be reduced to formal logic. It is just one aspect of dialectics. But it is the highest or as classical German  used to say (most) speculative form. The best book on the formalisation of dialectics is still Hegel's *Science of Logic*. Marx said that Hegel formulated the laws of dialectics though in its mystified form. The rationality of Hegel's logic lies in his dialectical core rather than in his system. If you read *Science of Logic* with this premise  you may learn a lot about dialectics and what it means to say "think dialectically". If you want to see how dialectics may be applied to particular sciences please read *Capital* from methodological point of view.




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> All logical systems must be able to be formalised. Otherwise they are 
> not complete. 

That is why I'd like to see the formalisation of 'dialectical logic'. It 
must have a formal language and some axioms and rules of inference. I 
can find references to the construction of propositional logic or set 
theory, but I am unable to find something equivalent for 'dialectical 
logic'. Perhaps you have a reference. Jerry wrote that it cannot be 
reduced to formal logic. 

//Dave Z 


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