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Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 11:38:45 EDT

 That was my original statement.

"Please bear in mind that Marx speaks of commodity as an ensemble of social relations. (Bear also in mind how  he explains the genesis of money as form of social relation.) The production of commodity requires already division of labour, i.e. the separation of labour from the means of production. This turns the labour into commodity too. This, in turn brings, brings the relationship of labour and capital into existence. So when Marx speaks of mutual negative relationship of use-value and exchange-value he speaks at the same time of the contradictory relationship of labour and capital, or if you like, one can say that the contradictory relationship of labour and capital is already contained in the *zwieschlächtige Natur* of commodities, which is also expresses itself in the contraditory relationship between concrete and abstract labour."


"the contradiction between use value and exchange value inherent in the 
commodity was what led to the separation of  producers from their means of production
That is what I dont agree with and what is contradicted by history."

You seem to have misread it. My claim was that we can reduce all higher forms of 
contradictions in capitalist mode of production to the contradiction between use-value 
and exchange-value.


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