Re: [OPE] How to read Capital

Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 06:40:04 EDT

This turns the labour into commodity too. This, in turn brings, brings the 
relationship of labour and capital into existence. 

This is the sleight of hand or dialectical conceit that I was sceptical of in an 
earlier post.
What you present as a logical development was actually a long historical process 
that only
at particular times and under particular historical circumstances -- primarily 
in Britain and
the Netherlands initially -- led to this occuring. Marx recognises this, and 
devotes the
chapter on primitive accumulation examining it.

There was a long scholarly debate between marxist historians about this during 
the 1950s and 196os.


This is of course an outcome of long historical development. I was talking about the method of how to present.
But bear in mind that with Marx we have an entirely new concept of logic . It is historically and ontologically founded and therefore it is supposed to be the mirror of historical development. 

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