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Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 05:39:40 EDT

 I was referring to your first post in this matter.




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> I used in my other post natural language because Dave Z claimed that 
> dialectics is not applicable to physics and biology and so on and his 
> exampamles were from that area. As a requirement of communication and 
> dialogue I was referring to his examples. 


> But I still do not quite understand why we should give up the 
> expression *dialectics*. It is a concept evolved over thousands of 
> years and it does not refer merely to natural language. It is a 
> concept of totality - of *being* (nature and society) and consciousness. 

Dogan, I did not claim that dialectics is not applicable to e.g. physics 
and biology. What I'm saying the conceptual apparatus it uses does not 
add or improve any modern theory cast in the current conceptual 
apparatus. In this sense it is redundant. (Consider my example of 
predators and prey.) 

One could argue that the computational approach will open up new fields 
of inquiry in e.g. physics, biology and economics, bringing in a 
fruitful conceptual apparatus rather than an imprecise or redundant one. 

//Dave Z 


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