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Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 12:36:34 EDT

"Hence, so long as Marxism helps us understand the world, we will need to study dialectics
in order to improve our understanding of Marxism."

This assertion is taken from Ollman's and Smith's Introduction to their book: *Dialectics for the New Century*. 
I am not sure whether I would agree with this statement. When Marx studied dialectics he did not think  I am studying dialectics because Marxism explains our world. He studied dialectics because he thought that dialectics explains the world. To understand Marxism we have to study dialectics. This is sure. But to understand our world we must do more than just to study Marxism. New developments in all sorts of even *bourgeois* sciences and humanities are essential here. I would perhaps put it differently: "We have to study dialectics because it explains our world and we have to study Marxism because it is the most developed concepts of dialectics in our age and because it helps us to understand our epoch called capitalism."

The reason for this reformulation is that Marxism is essentially linked to the critique of capitalism. Its more general aspects will be set free once capitalism is overcome.  But this will no longer the Marxism we know. Ollman's and Smith's formulation does not make this distinction. 


PS: Thanks for pointing out  this book to the list members. It seems to be an interesting and scholarly work.

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Here's the link to the book, edited by Bertell 
Ollman and (OPE-L

member) Tony Smith, which Chris A just 
referred to. The

chapter by Lucien Seve entitled "Dialectics of 
Emergence" is #6.


The sample chapter which can be downloaded for free 
is the

"Introduction" by Bertell and Tony.


In solidarity, Jerry



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