Re: [OPE] theoretical discussions: an empirical test

Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 08:34:28 EDT


As for Dogan's assertion about the alleged absence of 

"serious theoretical discussions", there is empirical 

evidence aplenty to dismiss it out of hand as being clearly 





I sould have kept silent. Why shall I bother about OPE (OPE-L)? Everybody on the list knows, I think, that there was a dynamism aruond the list. I know from my experience. People from all over the world used to write (referring to our debates on the list) and wanted to discuss this or that aspect of our debates? off-list. My intervention was an expression of good will. But it seems to have been understood entirely as a destructive  contribution. I apologise for being silly and got involved in that. I did not want to insult anybody.



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