RE: [OPE] theoretical discussions: an empirical test

Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 07:51:59 EDT

Hi Jurriaan and everyone else:
Let's subject Paul C's assertion ("you are completely
hogging the list to the detriment of serious discussion")
to a test: 
For a couple of weeks or a month, let's let _others_
on the list raise new topics for discussion. If we find
those topics to be of interest and have something to 
add then we can contribute.
Let's give others an opportunity to _raise_ "serious
theoretical issues" for discussion and see what happens. 
If the result is positive then we all gain.
It will be interesting to see how the discussions develop
now that *everyone else on the list will have a  greater
responsibility than us for promoting discussion*. If 
discussion doesn't increase then everyone who hasn't 
contributed will have to take a good, long look in the 
mirror and ask her/himself "what could *I* have
done to have promoted discussion?".
As for Dogan's assertion about the alleged absence of 
"serious theoretical discussions", there is empirical 
evidence aplenty to dismiss it out of hand as being clearly 
In solidarity, Jerry

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