[OPE] Recent serious theoretical discussions: reply to Dogan

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 22:33:27 EDT

> what happened to the whole serious theoretical discussion on this list?

There has been *many, many* serious theoretical discussions on
OPE-L in the last three months alone. *Which of the following threads
would you say was a discussion that wasn't "serious"?*
January, 2008
* labor theory of value and trade
* economic calculation
* rising primary commodities = rising land prices 
* levels of abstraction
* Lapavitsas on the financial crisis
* "parasitism" of the service sector?
* productive and unproductive labor and forms of surplus value
* 1,2,3 many departments?
* Fred's argument about the 'deduction'
* domestic labor
* The Moseley paradox  and stock/flow definitions / the lump of surplus value fallacy
* accumulation of capital and the working class - actual non-existence of variable capital
* glossary for Volume 1 of Capital
* the phenomenology of prices
* imperialism in our century
February, 2008
* studying unproductive labor: CEPR report
* valuations, Austrians and Kantoravitch
* theory of trade, the world market and state
* power
* leave the oil in the soil?
* Alexander Cockburn on carbon catastrophism
* devaluation and revaluation of variable capital
* Marxian equilibrium
* levels of abstraction  (continued)
March, 2008
* The Financial Times and the Left haven't a clue
* estimating the severity and duration of a capitalist economic crisis
* Anwar Shaikh on GDP and income distribution 
* England and Ireland
* one of the great inventions of the 20th century? (GDP)
* Marx and Darwin
* capitalist states, imperialism and militarism
* Francis Wheen, "Capital Crimes"
* unproductive labor (continued)
(Obviously we didn't _just_ discuss "serious theoretical"
issues: we discussed, for instance, the passing of Andrew
Glyn and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela internal 
ballot. Those weren't "theoretical" topics, but I thought they
were meaningful and serious discussions.)
You obviously haven't been paying attention to what we 
have been discussing to make such an erroneous assertion. 
I think you owe all of those who participated in the above 
discussions a huge apology.
In solidarity, Jerry

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