RE: [OPE] estimating the severity and duration of a capitalist economic crisis

Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 12:00:12 EDT

Hi Jurriaan:
Well, I don't disagree with your assessment of much of
what passes for Marxism, but I think that- like some
other intellectual and political traditions (such as 
anarchism) there is the good, the bad, and the
ugly.  Highlighting the bad and the ugly is most
beneficial if we can learn from those experiences 
and come up with better (more accurate, non-
simplistic, non-dogmatic) explanations of the crisis.
What I find most worrying about "the bad and the 
ugly" explanations of the crisis advanced by some 
Marxians is the lack of self-criticism and introspection.
Being 'wrong' is one thing; not learning from being
'wrong' is a another. 
Part of the failing is simply a reflection, I think, 
of how many Marxian intellectuals are divorced from the 
working class and its struggles: it's a lot easier to be 
cavalier about an economic crisis if you are not an 
active participant in working-class struggles. In other 
words, the isolation of intellectuals from social struggles 
can lead to distortions in perspective and theory, imo.
In solidarity, Jerry

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