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Subject: New Working Paper on Climate Change 

GDAE announces
the publication of a new working paper by Neva Goodwin: 

AN OVERVIEW OF CLIMATE CHANGE: What does it mean for our way of life?
What is the best future we can hope for? 

This paper
discusses whether climate change will require a significant reduction of
consumption among the richer people in the world, and ends with the most
optimistic picture the author can conjure up, of the world in the year
2075. That hopeful picture is of a world in which inequalities –
among and within nations – have been substantially reduced. The
challenges and adjustments confronting humanity in the coming decades
provide an opportunity that could be used to mitigate climate change in
ways that can improve the circumstances of the poor. Ecological reasons to
reduce throughput of energy and materials in economic systems will require
the abandonment of high-consumption life-styles. The 21st century will be
an era of many losses, but it is conceivable that societies will
successfully make the transition from goals of economic growth, as
understood in the 20th century, to goals of maintaining and increasing
sustainable well-being. 
The working paper is available at:
For more on GDAE’s climate change work and publications go to:http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/ClimateChange.html 

Also available from GDAE: 

This new version of the teaching module Economics of Global Climate
Change includes coverage of the Nobel-Prize winning Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change 2007 report and the Stern Review on the Economics
of Climate Change, as well as new text boxes on discounting, climate
tipping points and surprises, and the European Union carbon trading
This and other teaching modules, designed for use as
supplements in undergraduate-level courses, are available in Adobe Acrobat
format. Topics include: trade, global climate change, corporate power,
consumption, tax equity, and environmental justice. The module on
Corporate Power in a Global Economy has also been updated with new data
for 2008 use. 
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