RE: [OPE] The Financial Times says the Left haven't got a clue

Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 21:42:16 EDT

> why do you think that inter imperialist conflicts including war are not > 'necessary' for the system? What other explanations do you have for all the > wars of the 20th Century.... types of 'unecessary' causes?
Hi Paul B:
My point was that a World War is not necessary for the resolution of the
_current_ economic crisis. 
Of course, there are inter-imperialist _conflicts_ at the present time. 
Whether that will result in inter-imperialist _wars_ remains to be seen. 
Do you think that the US is going to wage actual war against the
EU or Japan?  I doubt it. More likely - although by no means  
necessity or inevitable - would be US wars against Venezuela and/or 
Iran (neither of which are imperialist nations, at least in my way of 
All of the wars in the 20th Century were not _inter_-imperialist wars.
To think that the current crisis must of necessity be resolved 
through inter-imperialist warfare seems to me be be strikingly 
and exceptionally narrow-minded.
> Isn't stopping them being 'necessary' going to take more than a new CSE > booklet ?
Inter-imperialist wars - at least in the next few years - are not 
'necessary'. If you think otherwise, please explain why. 
In solidarity, Jerry
> > I have to say that the limited vision of much of The Left which the FT > > mocks is justified, imo: on another list earlier today, someone> > suggested that the current recession can't be resolved by "anything less > > momentous" than World War III! When I asked him about that, he clarified > > by "anything less momentous" he meant "the sum of political, social, > > military, geopolitical, and institutional changes" rather than _just_ a > > world war. Another subscriber to that group responded "Yes. War is the > > required solution to the social and economic problems ...." Simplistic > > perspectives which posit such outcomes as somehow "necessary" or > > inevitable are, yes, worthy of ridicule. But, they're also more sad than > > funny....

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