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why do you think that inter imperialist conflicts including war are not 
'necessary' for the system? What other explanations do you have for  all the 
wars of the 20th Century.... types of 'unecessary' causes?
Isn't stopping them being 'necessary' going to take more than a new CSE 
booklet ?

Paul B.

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> Thanks, Jurriaan: I enjoyed the economist / light bulb jokes.
> Often there's more than a little bit of truth in humor and
> this is one occasion.
> The serious question is: should radical economists, at the present
> time, be trying to jointly develop an "alternative economic strategy" in 
> response to the economic crisis?  You might recall that
> CSE Books in the early 80's published a book (or 2) on "alternative 
> economic strategy" (at the time of the Thatcher government) and there was 
> some contemporaneous discussion in the _Bulletin_ at the same time.
> I have to say that the limited vision of much of The Left which the FT 
> mocks is justified, imo: on another list earlier today, someone
> suggested that the current recession can't be resolved by "anything less 
> momentous" than World War III! When I asked him about that, he clarified 
> by "anything less momentous" he meant "the sum of political, social, 
> military, geopolitical, and institutional changes" rather than _just_ a 
> world war. Another subscriber to that group responded "Yes. War is the 
> required solution to the social and economic problems ...."  Simplistic 
> perspectives which posit such outcomes as somehow "necessary" or 
> inevitable are, yes, worthy of ridicule. But, they're also more sad than 
> funny....
> In solidarity, Jerry

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