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From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 06:30:52 EDT

Readings on rent and related topics by David Harvey, Carlo Vercellone, 
Christian Marazzi, Jan Toporowski and others are available online
at:  http://www.generation-online.org/c/c_rent.htm
This page is associated with series of seminars called the "The Art of 
Rent #2".  See below.
A seminar in this series will occur this Friday on "Financialization and
Crisis" at which Christian Marazzi, Randy Martin, and OPE-L member
Costas Lapavitsas will be speaking.
In solidarity, Jerry
> As part of an ongoing collective project, the organisers of this> seminar series seek to promote a discussion on the rise of rent as> a form of capitalist appropriation and the way that new levels of> association in the arts and culture, in information and communication,> in public taste and ambience have made this rise possible, and from> the perspective of private accumulation, necessary. To this end, the> seminar brings together various perspectives on the Art of Rent taking> in analysis of cognitive capitalism, of the financialisation of the> quotidian and the bodily, of gentrification and the metroversity, of> new international division of labour and of governance. The seminar> will conclude with a special two-day event in September on the> cultural industries.> > Behind this series is the sense that the Art of Rent is a reaction to> a new collective power among bodies assembled to labour and a> capacity for ensemble in the social individual, all provoked by the> migrations of work into culture, language, and affect and the work> of migrations into these registers of life. For those who work in the> university, in the arts, and in politics long seeking to subvert the> relationship between innovation and wage, the rise of the relationship> between innovation and rent calls not for subversion but sabotage of> the creative process.> > Seminars will feature presentation from the speakers followed by> structured discussion and questions and answers. All the seminars> are free and all are welcome.

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