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Subject: Announcing: Mitchel Cohen's "The Capitalist Infesto,"
in "Socialism & Democracy #46" 
From: "Mitchel
Cohen" <mitchelcohen@MINDSPRING.COM> 
Date: Fri, March 21,
2008 11:27 pm 


Publication of Mitchel Cohen's essay, "The

Capitalist Infesto (and how to fight it)," 
in the March
2008 issue of Socialism and 
Democracy, #46, Vol. 22, No. 1.

Here are the opening three paragraphs:

A specter is haunting this planet  the specter 
biological devastation and ecological 
catastrophe  and it is
ravaging the ecosystems 
sustaining life. Butterflies, frogs, bees,
familiar species are in sudden danger of being 
out. And, mechanisms for propagation  even 
seeds!  are
coming under the private ownership 
of a tiny number of very large
corporations which are, at this very moment, 
altering the reproductive capacities of entire 
species in order to
extend their control over 
land and monopolize the world&rsquo;s food

All the good things that human beings have 
achieved, and all the natural beauty of the world 
around us are
being grabbed, privatized and 
pillaged by corporate, technological
political powers. This colonization is 
legitimized by new
Enclosure Acts similar to 
those of centuries ago, a legal framework

validating the shameless orgy of profiteering and conquest. 

In the last 40 years, fully one-half of the 
forests have been chopped down. Please 
think about that for a
moment, what that means. 
Forests prevent floods, maintain soil
defuse hurricanes and detoxify drinking water. 
oxygenate the air, and serve as habitats for 
millions of species. In
Argentina and Brazil 
today, huge swathes of primeval rainforest are

being cut down for cattle, for monocropping 
engineered soybeans for animal feed 
and for biofuels exported to the
United States 
and elsewhere. In Brazil this confiscation of 
land for extracting corporate profits is 
occurring under trade
agreements with so-called 
&ldquo;socialist&rdquo; president Ignacio
Lula da Silva. In 
Indonesia millions of acres of forest have been

burned for cattle grazing. In Mexico the 
Lacandona forest
 the home of the Zapatista 
rebellion  is under siege by
international paper 
companies as much as by federal troops. Under

Clinton and Gore more trees were clearcut in the 
U.S. than
under any other administration in 
recent history. The destruction of
the forests, 
along with emissions from large-scale power 
plants, automobiles, factory farming of animals 
believe it or not, from rendered 
diets), refrigerators and paper
mills are the 
most important contributors to global warming and 
the pending ecocide of this planet. 

(from "The
Capitalist Infesto," by Mitchel Cohen) 

Many other
excellent articles herein as well, by 
- Infar Solty, "The
Historic Breakthrough of Germany's LEFT Party"; 
- Sriram
Ananthanarayanan, "New Mechanisms of Imeprialism in India" 
- Ravi Malhotra, "Capabilities, Disability Rights, and Global
- Thomas Seibert, "The Global Justice Movement
afer Heiligendamm" 
- Peter Seybold, "The Struggle against
Corporate Takeover of the University" 

and numerous book
reviews of books by Anatole 
Anton, Richard Schmitt, Rosemary Feurer,

Sebastian Budgen, Stathis Kouvelakis & Slavoj 
Zizek, Stan
Goff, Gideon Polya, Robert Roth, H. 
Bruce Franklin, Walter A. Davis,
Marc Falkoff, 
Joel Shatzky, Alexander Saxton, Peter McLaren &

Nathalia Jaramillo, Helen Caldicott, Andrew 
Kliman, Henry
Heller, Alexander Cockburn & 
Jeffrey St. Clair, Paul Zarembka,
Steve Ellner & 
Miguel Tinker Salas, Michael Gonzalez Cruz, Lynn
Hunt, Michael Hardt. 

To order a copy, please click on 
http://sdonline.org/ . The journal is a bit 
pricey, $10 a pop --
but it is loaded with very 
interesting and sophisticated analysis
from the Left. 

And, please let them know that you heard about
this from me. 

Thank you. 

Mitchel Cohen 

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