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Date: Fri Mar 21 2008 - 09:24:29 EDT

Hi Bapuji,

I think that from an international socialist point of view partitioning 
political entities on the basis of ethnic, national or religious 
identity is a retrogression with often serious social costs. Socialists 
ought to be struggling for political integration and citizenship based 
on universal principles.

The challenge is to defuse real or potential ethnic, national and 
religious conflicts by granting each identity equal rights under a 
secular-democratic state. Thus a wider collective identification has to 
win over a narrow one. This ideological struggle across the globe seems 
to have gone in the wrong direction during the last 50 years or so, as 
the number of states kept on increasing.

However, there is a point to have regional divisions in so far they 
corresponds to real linguistic differences which may complicate 
political dialogue and mass participation.

//Dave Z

on 2008-03-21 12:31 B.R.Bapuji wrote:
> While appreciating Paul Bullock's and Jerry's observations, let me 
> specify a concrete example.
> In the province of Andhra Pradesh, India, there is a region called 
> Telangana and there has been a 'movement' led by one section of the 
> ruling class [composed of landlords, capitalists of all kinds] but 
> supported by certain sections of the 'people': who demand 'fair' share 
> in governmental employment, educational opportunities, river waters 
> for irrigation. The demand is for a separate 'state' [= province] 
> within the union of India. In fact a separate 'state' will not solve 
> the problem of unemployment and other forms of inequality among the 
> regions but it is like a temporary relief from some problems. But the 
> leaders of the movement assure permanent solution for the regional 
> imbalance and backwardness etc.
> Due to unevenness of development and many other aspects of bourgeois 
> rule, there have been contradictions between the people [certain 
> sections of the people] of Telangana region and other 'relatively' 
> more 'developed' regions in the spheres of governmental employment, 
> education and irrigation facilities etc. The leaders of both the 
> leaders whip up regional chavenism and making all sorts of false 
> promises.
> In this context, a Maoist group is supporting the demand for a 
> separate state, while the Communist Party of India: Marxist [popularly 
> called CPM] opposing it on the grounds of unity of Telugu speaking 
> people of the entire state. Another parliamentary party CPI is in 
> dilemma whether to support or oppose: its leaders are split in to two 
> opinions.
> For more information about Telangana movement, one may visit google 
> search engine.
> Bapuji

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