[OPE] Human Capital Theory: From Gary Becker to Mario Cogoy

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Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 15:29:19 EDT

Auteur / Author : Mario COGOY 
Co-auteurs /
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Ecology and Economic Dynamics 

Mots-clés / Keywords :

Endogenous technical change, Industrial ecology, Dematerialisation,
Economic dynamics, Human capital, Eco-efficiency, Changement technique
endogène, Ecologie industrielle, Dématérialisation,
Dynamique économique, Capital humain, Eco-efficacité 

The paper presents a dynamic economic model of industrial ecology,
where technical progress and industrial metabolism are driven by the
accumulation of human capital. Society can increase its endowment with
human capital with the two possible targets of enhancing productivity
and/or of improving the metabolic design of production processes. The
overall behaviour of the economy depends on how these two possible outlets
of technical progress are combined to determine the allocation between the
productive and the metabolic use of knowledge. The paper formulates
conditions for metabolic advances to prevail and to lead to an overall
dematerialization of the economy. 

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