RE: [OPE] Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela internal ballot.

Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 09:00:51 EDT

> > So, the members of 12,000 battalions of Bolivarian socialists don't> > know what democracy looks like but you do? _That_ sounds> > elitist to me.> The principles of classical democracy are a matter of fact not opinion.
Hi Dave Z: 
Democracy has historically taken different forms in different social
formations and that is a fact. At issue is: who decides which form? 
Is it the workers and poor themselves, the intelligentsia, or some 
other group?
> Strong popular organisations are essential for transforming society. But > political parties should not be the basis for decision making in a > democratic state.
There is a constitutional separation, I believe, in Venezuela between 
decision-making by political parties and the government.
In solidarity, Jerry

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