RE: [OPE] Great Inventions and Alternative Nobel Prize

Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 15:25:46 EDT

> OK, we have a case at hand. I am reading proofs for the "Hidden History of > 9-11" to come out in softcover next month with Seven Stories Press of NYC > (a progressive, independent publisher). We hope to get into bookstores, > i.e., the 'mainstream' book market. We may fail in that regard, we may > not, but Seven Stories knows what they are doing.> Now the issue on the table with your to your comment of the Nobel Prize. > Each contributor must provide a bio to appear in the soft-cover. For > myself, I included "Frontiers in Econometrics", and referenced McFadden's > chapter and his Nobel Prize. Will you be faulting me for that? 
No.  It's a tactical decision. But, I tend to be sceptical 
of the belief that reference to McFadden winning the Bank of Sweden 
prize will help sell copies of the book, but you never know.
[btw, McFadden may not like his name being used in that context {i.e. in 
a book on 9/11}, but you would know better about that than I.]
In solidarity, Jerry
> In my > view, that reference could makes some contribution toward penetrating the > mainstream market.> Reactions? This is no longer an abstract discussion, but a concrete and > immediate situation (since I'm to get back proofs very, very soon).>

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