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OK, we have a case at hand.  I am reading proofs for the "Hidden History of 
9-11" to come out in softcover next month with Seven Stories Press of NYC 
(a progressive, independent publisher).  We hope to get into bookstores, 
i.e., the 'mainstream' book market.  We may fail in that regard, we may 
not, but Seven Stories knows what they are doing.

Now the issue on the table with your to your comment of the Nobel Prize. 
Each contributor must provide a bio to appear in the soft-cover.  For 
myself, I included "Frontiers in Econometrics", and referenced McFadden's 
chapter and his Nobel Prize.  Will you be faulting me for that?  In my 
view, that reference could makes some contribution toward penetrating the 
mainstream market.

Reactions? This is no longer an abstract discussion, but a concrete and 
immediate situation (since I'm to get back proofs very, very soon).


--On 3/9/2008 7:04 PM +0100 GERALD LEVY wrote:

>> In any case, there was a point I was making about this: that there are
>> nuances about the Prize in Economics which sometimes we can take
>> advantage  of, even if we don't respect the concept of such a prize.
> Hi Paul Z:
> Yes, I heard that point. No doubt, there are some winners of the
> Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences who are more deserving
> than others.  But, do we as heterodox economists and Marxians really
> want to lend credibility to the 'Nobel Prize in Economics'?  To do
> so, I think, implicitly recognizes that marginalist economics is a
> 'science' and that the neo-neoclassicals are the legitimate arbiters
> (since they are the ones who control the awarding of the Bank
> of Sweden Prize)  to decide who has - and who has not - advanced
> economic theory. So, maybe we can 'take advantage' (gain some
> talking points) but what do we lose in so doing?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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