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Economics Review 
the best of free-access economics 
March 2008


Sensation Seeking,
Overconfidence,and Trading Activity, Mark Grinblatt and Matti Keloharju

"Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren" 75
Years after: A Global Perspective 
Fabrizio Zilibotti 

Foreclosed: State of the Dream 2008, Institute for Policy Studies 

China's High Tech Industry and the World Economy, Yu Zhou 
Bilateral Trade of Cultural Goods, Anne-Celia Disdier 

Inequality, Happiness and Relative Concerns: What Actually is their
Relationship? Ed Hopkins 

New Thinking on Poverty: Implications
for Globalisation and Poverty Reduction Strategies, 
Paul Shaffer 

Climate Change And Tourism In The Mediterranean, Andrea Biganoa,
Jacqueline M. Hamiltonb and Richard S.J. Tol 

Nations: What do Aggregate Indicators tell us? J. Ram Pillarisetti and
Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh 

Conformity and the demand for
environmental goods, Fredrik Carlsson, Jorge H Garcia and Asa Lofgren 

What Behavioural Economics Teaches Personnel Economics, Uschi
Backes-Gellner, Donata Bessey, Kerstin Pull, and Simone Tuor 

What is Globalisation and What is Not?: A Political Economy Perspective,
Turan Subasa 

Resurrecting Keynes to Revamp the International
Monetary System, Pietro Alessandrini and Michele Fratianni 

Awards - A View from Psychological Economics, Bruno S. Frey and Susanne

The modernity of backwardness, Alan Freeman 
The Economics Profession 

The Current Macroeconomic Crisis,
Bill Gibson 
Where Economics Has Been Headed, Raul Caruso and Luigi

How to Get Tenured: in Germany, in Economics,
Michael Graber, Andrey Launov, and Klaus Walde 

Mirror, Mirror
on the Wall, who is the Happiest of Them All? Benno Torgler, Nemanja
AntiŠ and Uwe Dulleck 

How to be an Ecological Economist,
Malte Faber 

The Origins And The Evolution Of Health Economics:
A Discipline By Itself? Luis Pina Rebelo 

An Auction Market For
Journal Articles, Jens Prufer David Zetland 

Economist of
the Month: Geoffrey Hodgson 

The Ubiquity of Habits and Rules

The Approach of Institutional Economics 
Meanings of
Methodological Individualism 
Institutions and Individuals:
Interaction and Evolution 
What Are Institutions? 
Causality and the Social Sciences 
An Institutional and Evolutionary
Perspective on Health Economics 
The Economy 

Dollar Falls
to Record Low Versus Euro as Fed Signals Rate Cuts, Ye Xie 
Is a Lean
Economy Turning Mean? Peter S Goodman 
Real wages decline in 2007,
Jared Bernstein 
Economics in the News 

Economics Recipes, The Nation 

Breaking the neoclassical
monopoly, Thomas I Palley 

What is wrong with today's global
economic order? Mohamed Elmasry 

The Great
Reckoning Is Here, Chuck Collins 

Anatomy of a Financial
Meltdown, Nouriel Roubini 

Technological Cooperation, Jeffrey
D. Sachs 
Want to Stimulate the Economy? Tax the Wealthy, Chuck

Will Dems Follow Through on Promises to Fix NAFTA?
Sarah Anderson 

Inflation: America's Greatest Export, Euro

Is Europe's Housing Market Next? Daniel Grosá

Economists' Blogs 

Dean Baker 
Brad DeLong

Paul Krugman 
Greg Mankiw 
Marginal Revolution 
Dani Rodrik 
Naked Capitalism 
International Political Economy Zone 

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