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From: ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu
Date: Wed Mar 05 2008 - 13:53:11 EST

Hello all:

In addition to being able to receive mail in the normal way,
subscribers have the options of receiving a "digest" (usually
1 large post/week) or setting their mail to "No Mail".

The latter is done for various reasons including:

- preference: some subscribers prefer to check on the postings
  via our (ricardo or utah) archives;

- desire to decrease quantity of incoming email;

- a temporary means for decreasing incoming email when away
  at conferences or while on vacation.

It is a very simple matter for a subscriber to change their mail
preferences using your password. If you have problems doing so, then I can
help you out. In that event, please reply to this email address rather
than the list.

Who has their mail set to "NoMail" is constantly changing. To give you an
idea, there are currently nine (9) subscribers who are using the "NoMail"

Sometimes (more frequently now, with the new list distribution system)
the server bounces someone from membership if there are too many
'undeliverable' posts. In that event, I will re-subscribe the address (but
set to 'NoMail') unless and until I receive confirmation from the member
that s/he wants to unsubscribe.

In solidarity, Jerry

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