RE: [OPE] Marx and Darwin: A Myth Exposed

Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 13:32:40 EST

>  Hey, I'm glad to have one of my old myths debunked. But it says something, >  doesn't it, that a group calling itself "Friends of Charles Darwin" would >  be anxious to bust this particular myth! From my point of view, any *true* >  friend of Darwin would be sorry to see it go!
Hi David:
The anonymous member of the "Friends of Charles Darwin" who wrote the page,, _was_ sorry to see it go.  This 
is how the page concluded:
          "I must admit to having experienced a certain degree of 
           disappointment on learning that the famous *Das Kapital*
           dedication chestnut was a myth. On reflection, however,
           I like to think that Darwin would have approved of the
           sort of reasoning that questioned a cherished long-standing
           belief and of the search for literary *missing links* that
           eventually led to the truth. That's what science and 
           historical research are all about".
I think Marx would have concurred with that.
In solidarity, Jerry

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