RE: [OPE] capitalist states, imperialism, and militarism

Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 07:33:25 EST

Hi Dave Z:
> > "Capitalist nations have no goals or rationality"???!!!> That was a misstatement on my part. What I meant to say was that > economic systems --- especially uncoordinated ones --- do not behave > like agents with rational goals. At best one can say they behave like > regulatory control systems, but this is an emergent behaviour from > various goals pursued by its agents. Anyway, these are deep theoretical > questions.
OK. Thanks for the clarification.
> (b) I take 'imperialism' as a phenomenon that pre-dates capitalism, when > a state tries to control or subjugate communities outside the territory > in which it was constituted.
What is needed, I think, is a comprehension of the *specific form* that
imperialism takes under capitalism.   
> I think imperialist rivalry between states necessarily requires a role > for militarism because state power is ultimately coercive power. The > primary imperialist rivalry today is between the US and Iran over the > Middle East. But the one that most likely will dominate the 21st century > is between the US and China.
I don't think that either Iran or China are imperialist nations, although, 
it is possible that could change in the future. 
In solidarity, Jerry

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