[OPE] Socialist Calculation Debate / Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 10:21:51 EST

Hi Alejandro A:
You seem to think that the "socialist calculation debate" was somehow 
decidedly settled in favor of the marginalists.  An independent
and fair evaluation of that debate will show, I believe, that is
_not_ the case. For example, for a kind of 'blow by blow' reconstruction
of that debate, see:
Still less convincing is _any_ claim about the merits of a theory 
based on its advocates and/or originators receiving The Bank 
of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel!
For background of that prize, see:
In solidarity, Jerry
[AA wrote:]
After one hundred years of Pareto & Barone’s thesis about the lack of computational capacity to manage a Socialist economy; after the development of the controversy about the impossibility of economic calculation developed by Austrian and Market Socialists economists; after the Nobel prize in economics granted on 2007 to Leonid Hurwicz, Eric S. Maskin y Roger B. Myerson because of the development of the “design mechanism theory”, that finds its forerunners in those debates; shielding with the handicaps of Marx’s work concerning guidelines for the management of a Socialist economy is not justifiable.

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