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Fictitious Capital and Today's Global Crisis


Video of a talk by Loren Goldner, London, 22 January 2008. Part 1 of 

Hosted by Mute magazine, http://metamute.org

The fallout from 2007's credit crunch becomes daily more visible as 
the global financial system goes from shock to recoil to shock. To 
understand the stakes of the current crisis and the possible impact  
both from the perspective of capital and of the working class  one 
needs to understand the nature of the 30-year-plus `fictitious 
capital'bubble whose bursting we may now be witnessing.

Far from being a remote 'economic' concept, fictitious capital leads 
us straight to the central political questions of today, and above 
all those questions confronting the international left. To see this 
clearly, analysis of the credit crunch must be connected to the 
dynamics of contemporary geopolitics and the closely related class 

This video is the first of two parts, the second features the Q & A 
after the discussion and will be uploaded soon.

You can also download the complete video as a bittorrent here:

.avi version: http://linkme2.net/dj

.ogg version: http://linkme2.net/dk

About Loren Goldner:

Loren Goldner is a writer and activist who divides his time between 
New York and Seoul, South Korea. He has written on various economic,
political and cultural matters over the past three decades. He is
currently writing a book on the Korean working class. Most of his work
is available on the Break Their Haughty Power web site at:


Mute Magazine:

Mute is a quarterly print magazine dedicated to culture and politics
after the net. The Mute website is updated weekly with web-only 
content and its complete archive is made available free:


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