Re: Re: [OPE] Alexander Cockburn on carbon catastrophism

Date: Wed Feb 13 2008 - 09:44:54 EST

> Jerry, that's too pessimistic. In the local Durban paper
> yesterday I argued the elites are useless on this issue and a
> new Climate Justice Now movement is developing a totally
> different strategy: "Leave the oil in the soil!".

Hi Patrick:

Whether it is pessimistic or realistic depends on your estimation
of the timing of two issues:

1. what is a realistic estimate for when the "tipping point" will be reached if international policy remains the same?

2. How long will it take before a mass international movement will be successful in achieving a substantial enough change in policy to at least reduce the rate of climate change?

I would like to think you're right (because underneath it all, I've discovered - contrary to what many believe - that I am an optimist), but I am not convinced that you have presented a realistic assessment. Yet, I will be quite happy to be proven wrong!

> I'm doing a N.American tour to publicize the analysis and
> movement building, starting at Georgetown U. next Friday, through
> to the Left Forum in NYC in mid-March

Maybe we can meet in NYC. It takes about 3-4 minutes to walk from Cooper Union to my apartment.

In solidarity, Jerry
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