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On 'globolist' (a yahoo group) someone dug up the following which
suggests that the specific claims in the video about the timing for a
"North American Union" and the creation of the "Amero" currency is
an "urban legend". But, what about the V-chip?  No mention  of that

In solidarity, Jerry

North American Union
Claim:   The leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico agreed
in 2005 to subsume their countries into a greater "North American
Union" by the year 2010.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, January 2008]

I've heard rumors going around recently that President Bush, Mexican
President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin met in Waco, TX in
2005 and agreed to create a North American Union (NAU). In this plan
it was (supposedly) outlined that by 2010 the borders between the
three countries would be dissolved and there would only be a common
border surrounding the former countries. Further, the plan called for
a purposeful reduction in the value of the dollar to help facilitate
the creation of a new currency (the Amero) common to the NAU. Also
part of the plan is for the US to give up its sovereignty.

Origins:   In March 2005, the leaders of the United States, Canada,
and Mexico (President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Paul Martin, and
President Vicente Fox, respectively) met in Texas to

discuss plans for increased cooperation between their three countries
in areas of common interest, such as border security, protection
against terrorist threats, improved trade relations, competitiveness
in the global marketplace, the combating of infectious diseases, and
disaster response.

Contrary to the rumor expressed in the example quoted above, the three
men did not sign any treaty or agreement to subsume the sovereignty of
their countries to a greater entity called the North American Union
(NAU), eliminate their common borders, or create a common currency
(akin to the Euro) to replace their nations' currencies. What the
leaders agreed to was the creation of the Security and Prosperity
Partnership of North America (SPP), a "dialogue to increase security
and enhance prosperity among the three countries." The SPP is not
itself an agreement or a treaty, it is not a movement to merge the
United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union or to
establish a common currency, nor does it seek to alter or subsume the
sovereignty of those three countries.

The notion that the establishment of a North American Union (along
with the dissolving of national borders and the creation of a common
currency) is set to take place in 2010 stems from proposals such as
Building a North American Community (a publication of the Council on
Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief
Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales) which
advocate more aggressive plans for North American cooperation, such as
the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security
community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common
external tariff and an outer security perimeter." However, such
proposals are merely analyses and recommendations developed by
independent "think tanks"; they are not treaties, legislation, or
official blueprints for future governmental actions.

None of this is to say that the three North American countries might
not someday decide to form closer ties along the lines of the European
Union, perhaps with a common currency and more fluid borders. But
there is currently no official governmental plan underway to make all
that happen by 2010.

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