Re: [OPE-L] (video) North American Union, Amero, V chip

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@LAGCC.CUNY.EDU)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2008 - 09:29:05 EST

> Perhaps not a consistent champion, but was not the Bush II
> administration attempting to ease the legal status for immigrants from
> South of the border? I.e. contrary to the most reactionary talk heard
> from the Republican candidates.

Hi Dave:

No, the Bush administration favors "putting border security and 
enforcement first".  Indeed, they even wanted to militarize the
US-Mexico border with over 6,000 National Guard troops. In 
addition to border and worksite enforcement, they also favored
a "temporary worker program" and a "path to citizenship" for
those who are currently undocumented workers in the US  in 
which these workers would have to come forward, satisfy a 
number of conditions, and demonstrate "merit" under a proposed
"merit-based system".

At no time did the Bush administration champion the "free 
movement of labor". Indeed, they _emphasized_  the border 
and worksite enforcement aspects of their proposed changes in policy.
Nevertheless, this proposed change was denounced by 
the far Right as favoring "amnesty" (even though the Bush
administration didn't in fact propose amnesty). Those in Congress 
allegedly to "the Left" opposed it for other reasons. No one -
with the exception of some left groups, including anarchists, 
and the Libertarian Party (which favors laissez-faire policy)
advocated open borders and the free mobility of labor.

> I wouldn't be surprised if right-wing politicians will be all over the
> spectrum on this issue: Neoliberal reaction will express a pure
> capitalist ideology (free mobility of labour and competition on the
> labour market etc.), 

The Neo-liberals here have advocated the free mobility of capital,
not the free mobility of labor. 

In solidarity, Jerry

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