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Subject: Recession!

From: "Noah T. Winer, MoveOn.org Political Action"
Date: Tue, January 22, 2008 3:22

Sign the
Dear MoveOn member,

Did you see the news this
morning? All signs point to recession.

Congress and the
President are racing to pass a stimulus package. Here's
the problem:

The President's plan--tax breaks for corporations and rebate
checks for
the well-off--isn't just morally wrong. It's based on
discredited "trickle
down" theories and it won't work.1

But there's tremendous pressure on Democrats to accept the
priorities just to get something passed. Negotiations
are happening right
now, and Congress needs to hear from you right

We need to demand a progressive stimulus package--one
that puts money into
the hands of people who are feeling the squeeze
(who, incidentally, will
spend it fastest). One that funds public
infrastructure projects that will
create new jobs, make our economy
more competitive, and reduce our
dependence on oil. One that will
actually solve the problem.

Can you sign our petition to
Congress? Clicking here will add your name:


The petition reads: "Congress must quickly pass a
stimulus package that
helps those who need it the most and will
spend it the fastest. And it
should include public investments that
will create jobs and move us toward
a 21st century, clean energy

A leading economist at NYU says "We're
facing the risk of a systemic
financial crisis."2 The mortgage,
credit card, and auto loan industries
are all in trouble. The stock
market is tanking as we speak. On top of all
that, we're
hemorrhaging $2 billion a week in Iraq.3

The "Iraq
Recession" is here.

Yet Bush's proposal is just another
kind of trickle-down economics. His
plan gives little or no help to
people who make less than $40,000 a year,
and families of four
making less than $24,950 would get nothing--even
though those are
the very folks who would spend a little extra cash in
their pockets.

According to a top economic think tank, the Republican plan
would do
nothing to help about 65 million Americans. "This
approach fails on two
counts. It omits or partly omits those who
need the help. And it omits the
tens of millions of people who are
living paycheck to paycheck and who
would be most likely to quickly
spend every dollar they can get."4

Bush's own Federal
Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before Congress
"putting money into the hands of households and firms that would
spend it in the near term" would be more effective than other
fixes or tax rebates for the wealthy.5

need to get help into the hands of those who need it. That means making

sure tax rebates go to working people, not millionaires, extending

unemployment benefits, sending money to the states so they don't
have to
cut back programs for average people, and fully funding
energy assistance
programs for the low-income families struggling to
heat their homes as oil
prices rise.6

And, with
skyrocketing oil prices driving the recession, we need public
infrastructure investments that create jobs in the short-term, and move
toward a 21st century, clean energy economy in the long-term. We
invest in energy efficiency, mass transit, and a Clean Energy
putting hundreds of thousands of people to work rebuilding
our economy.

And of course, we need to end the war that has
already cost us $1

This economic stimulus
package will cost about $150 billion. Just think
what we could do if
all that money was invested in big, smart, sustainable
ways. Or we
could just try the same old, failed, trickle-down economics.

Congress is moving fast, and will make a decision as early as this week

about what the plan will include. Clicking here will add your name
to our
emergency petition:


Thank you for all you do.

--Noah, Eli, Wes,
Justin, and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
Tuesday, January
22nd, 2008


1. "Administration
Stimulus Plan Fails Tests for Achieving Most Effective
Gives Less Favorable Treatment to Families Under $40,000,"
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, January 18, 2008.

2. "No Quick
Fix to Downturn," New York Times, January 13, 2008.
3. "Cost of War Nearly $2 Billion a Week," Boston Globe,
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5. "Bush, Bernanke call for a stimulus plan," CNN,
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6. "The President's Economic Stimulus Plan Is Only a
Start," Center for
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